Nerd wedding

game as a  wedding invitation??

Fans of games, the couple German Darina and Niko decided to create their own video game for inviting family and friends for their wedding. Then came the game of 8-bit “and Darina Niko’s Incredible Adventure clearly inspired by the adventures of “Super Mario Bros’…

“We knew we did not want calls on standard paper. We wanted something that people would like and remember, “said Darina to the site” Offbeat Bride “. “We are ‘geeks’. We love games. Why not a game as a wedding invitation? “said the bride.
After presenting a brief history and an initial summary of the basic commands in-game invitation, the player can choose to be one of the two main characters: the bride or groom, of course.
The goal of the game is to reach the final to gain access to all information about the wedding. will have to face the challenges experienced by Darina or Niko’s adventure in search of a “happy ending”.

The CDs with the game were sent to the guests, who also received a manual of instructions.
And do not even know the couple, nor was invited to the wedding, the game-invitation was released by the couple and can be
downloaded in the Internet

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