Graffiti in São Paulo

Graffite in Sampa!!!

Graffiti allows street performers express their art without attacking the city. unlike,Graffiti has the ability to make it more attractive. .. Many may say that the graphite leaves aside the challenge which the graffiti has always defined itself as a major representative..always challenging the authorities. Graphite can be as provocative or even more, since it can pass a message in order to be understood by more people, using art, which is always the most expressive way to connect something.

São Paulo a great megalopolis, has great galleries in its opened spaces.Vila Madalena is a example … But in the whole city can see this Pop Art From gigantic murals, even small interventions in columns Viaducts. Always trying to outsmart the urban chaos that is the city.

qeloos does not claim any copyrights to any photos that appear on site is purely for personal artistic expression by means of juxtaposing a thematic collection of found images.

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