Hannessey Venom GT

Super sports car faster than an F-1! is equipped with V8 engine of the Corvette ZR-1 and reaches 421 km

The super  car you see in the video was born with nothing humble mission: to overcome the Bugatti Veyron and become the fastest street car and fast-moving world. Only ten units Hannessey Venom GT will be produced per year at a starting price of $ 600 thousand not counting taxes.
The Venom GT is built on the Lotus Elise base, but instead of four-cylinder Toyota engine, the Hannessey installed V8 Corvette ZR-1. 725 bhp and 102.4 mkgf, gentler version of the super car, which has the entire body of carbon fiber.Later this year there will be versions of 1,013 hp (124.4 mkgf) and another top-line 1216 hp (152 mkgf)what promises to be more faster than an F-1. For comparison, a car with 1.0 engine has surrenders 65 horsepower and 9.0 mkgf torque (force ripped). The most powerful version, with only 1090 kg, will go from 0 to 100 km / h in only 2.4 to reach a maximum speed of 421 km / h! An F-1 waves 2.5 s and reaches 365 km / h. ..

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