Twitter blocked in china

Drivers, teams and journalists have to circumvent the prohibition to use in your pages microblogging service during the weekend in Shanghai.

Known for its many secrets and even a certain distance of the fans, Formula 1, through the drivers and teams, this situation began to change last year with the use of Twitter. The microblogging service has become a fever in the category and teams like McLaren and Williams have adopted the tool to show scenes of them at job and in factories. Moreover, most of the journalists are following the league by the twitter. However, the GP of China, this weekend marks a setback for the category. The Asian country, known for his socialist dictatorship, limits the access of Chinese on internet. And one of the blocked services are exactly Twitter, since the day June 2, 2009. Google, the largest search site in the world, fought with the local government and displays the results microblog on their pages. But just that.

Therefore, drivers, teams and journalists have no access to their microblogging while on Chinese territory. Or not. Since last week, on Twitter, they look for options to circumvent the ban on race in Shanghai. Some users have offered tips to access the service, but control of the country is hard. Jonathan Noble, editor of the Formula 1 British magazine “Autosport”, is not very optimistic.

– When on a flight, I passed through Beijing, Twitter was blocked. I wonder if it was really gone. Does anyone know if it works? Do not know if we have a lot of action in service on the circuit this weekend – Noble said in his personal page.

Barrichello on GP Brazil 2009

In fact, the internet access to the main page of the service is blocked by the “Great Firewall of China”, in reference to the famous Wall of China. However, Twitter users have a few options: using unofficial pages or customers for mobile (as ÜberTwitter and Echofon) developed by third parties and – still – are not censored by the government.

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