2012 World’s End

Brazil wins contest and will host the 2012 World’s End

Was announced on Wednesday 06/16 in Munich the country to be as the headquarters of the End of the World 2012, the first in history to be held in Brazil a Latin American country.
Brazil won a tight race with Indonesia, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Mali, Sierra Leone and the United States in the election made by the Department of Intercontinental Events (DIE)
Brazil took an advantage in choosing never to have hosted such events. Indonesia already has hosted the 2004 tsunami and the United States were devastated in 2009 by the work of Lady Gaga, what affected countries in the choice.
Brazil’s victory was much celebrated by President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva. According to Lula, this is another example of great moment that the country is on he also imagines to host the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympics.“Sometimes you participate in everything in your life and thinks that has nothing else that moves you. But today was a sacred day for me. I had an immense pride to defend Brazil. If I died now, I would have been worth living, “said Lula.
World Calendar for 2012The announcement of Brazil as host of the Apocalypse in 2012 was well received by the international community, which sees the country as a cue ball on the world stage.However, many criticisms are being made to the tight schedule of the event which has less than two years to occur. Despite the large end of the World’s End be in Brazil, the schedule for 2012 also includes events in countries such as Argentina and Japan in the coming months, according to official schedule released by the DIE.

Destruction scheduled
Event              Host country          Date                Situation so far

Earthquake      Chile                      February 2010  Accomplished

Hurricane       South Africa           June 2010         Delayed

Tsunami         Argentina               February 2010   Delayed

Avalanche      Italy                       June 2010        Not accomplished yet

Epidemic         Australia                January 2011    Not accomplished yet

Godzilla          Japan                   August 2011      Not accomplished yet

The End         Brazil                     December 2011 Delayed

The biggest concern of the organization of the event is to delay the works. Some are still in the bidding, as the drilling of chinks in the South American tectonic plate and the construction of active volcanoes in the Central Highlands of Brasilia.

“Recently, Chile has shown a lot of structure and organization to accomplish the earthquake, but they already had the tectonic cracks almost ready. We’ll have to make everything from scratch here, “commented Eduardo Maia, engineer responsible for destroying the world in Brazil.

To minimize the delay in the works, the plan of the Brazilian Committee End of the World (BCEW) or (P.A.C) is to harness the flood waters in São Paulo to promote flood across the whole country. The Amazon rainforest will have burned slightly increased, and then the whole country could be burst into flames by mid-2011.

Rain-forest devastation Official Site IBAMA

The federal government has ensured that the end of the world will not be funded with public money. And soft drinks companies have already announced they will invest enough private capital to fund some epidemics and even pandemics across the country.

“The biggest investment for the Apocalypse must be done at the countryside, cause the principal cities of Brazil are already well advanced in its state of destruction,” concluded the engineer Maia.

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