Mysterious man with horse head!!!

Mysterious man with horse head
appear on the Internet!! Creature been caught by the Google Street View service…

Street View, Google program that displays cities images in 360º, again caught a man with horse head, a supposed joke that intrigues the Internet since last month. The new image that shows the masked in the company of a woman with no characterization, was taken in the same city the previous: Aberdeen, Scotland.

On internet there are several theories about what these images. The strongest is that it is a business strategy propaganda ia “viral” – when a subject becomes popular by click-click, in the case of the internet, even when there is a clear strategy for disclosure by the author or protagonist of a story. Others indicate that this type of mask is common in the region and that several people could be photographed so.

Street View began in 2007 as an evolution of Google Maps that allows you to find countries, cities, streets and places specific to the advantage of still images in three dimensions of cities and historic sights of the world as the Colosseum in Rome Italy.

Google uses vehicles that carry high-powered cameras to record images chosen by the company. The photos are “stitched” to form the final image with 360 ° horizontal and 290 º vertically, and how they are made in open and public, the company has been involved in controversies about ensuring the people privacy…


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