Jeep Cherokee Limited

Finished higher than the Sport version, model costs R$129 900.
Resources for trails ‘refined’ in the back.

After initial troubled Chrysler Group, the new administration led by Fiat is treated differently in developing markets such as Brazil. In recent months, the group has brought into the country products with strong sales for Chrysler and Jeep brands. Among recent releases are the Jeep Cherokee Limited, the car was evaluated in the streets of São Paulo. With more refined finish in relation to the Sport version, the model is sold in Brazil for R$ 129 900.

The differential Cherokee Limited, and that results in the increase of R$ 12 thousand (Real) in relation to the entry level model, with electric sunroof, leather seats, aluminum wheels and 17”grills chrome front and side shields . The idea of the Jeep is to add some glamor to the model, but without losing the identity off-road brand.

Goal achieved. On the outside, the essence of the adventurous Jeep – “illustrated” in the model Wrangler – win an urban appeal, more discreet and elegant. But only on the outside. Upon entering the car, the driver has no doubt of being in a Jeep. To have this feeling, simply adjust the seat to the wheel and look forward to. The panel has a good finish, the seats are leather and the fit is electric, but never fails to be rustic.

The model also comes with tech gadgets that help on the trails as traction 4 × 4 Selec-Trac, BlueTooth Uconnect communication with voice command and control for iPod, active head restraints that move up and forward in case of rear collision, protecting the head and neck of the occupants and the vehicle information center programmable (EVIC), which provides a series of data on the car, including the need for maintenance. The plant also has a digital compass, outside temperature gauge and trip computer functions.Among the safety equipment series are also the ESP (Electronic Stability Program), ERM (control of body roll), traction control at any speed, Brake Assist, the latest generation ABS brakes and side airbags further.Already the audio system has eight speakers with subwoofer, AM / FM / CD player, with compatibility with MP3, WMA and DVD.On Road
The gist of Hummer is not only the appearance of the car. In time to hit the road, the 3.7 liter V6 engine that generates 205 horsepower and 32 Nm of torque, and 4-speed automatic transmission have breath to meet the needs of the driver, whether in rough terrain and steep as overtaking on asphalt roads.
The independent front suspension, rear suspension with five attachment points and steering system “rack and pinion” offer besides stability, comfort to drivers and passengers, even in very irregular terrain.
High consumption
The Cherokee, however, still drunk. According to the manufacturer, the model is 5.9 km / l in city and 11.2 mpg on the highway. Another weakness is the lack of practicality in large cities. Take the big guy’s garage and face the daily traffic of cities like São Paulo cannot be a good idea.

Although many feel intimidated by the proportions of the Jeep, it does not guarantee good visibility and agility to cut traffic, maneuvering in waves up and get in narrow corridors of malls.So the car will be better set in the outings weekend, which may not correspond to all the needs of the target set by the Jeep – the appeal Cherokee Limited’s business is concentrated in young married couples or families as well as single people between 30 and 40 years. by

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