Kim Jong-il authorizing execution of North Korean goalkeeper

Kim Jong-il authorizing execution of North Korean goalkeeper

The North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il signed on this morning the execution of Ri Myong-Guk, goalkeeper of North Korea in the World Cup.According to the dictator, Ri Myong-Guk was primarily responsible for the defeat of his country to Brazil 2-1 in Johannesburg on Tuesday night.
Despite the international press have praised the actions of the goalkeeper,Kim Jong-il has ignored the comments and put all the blame on Ri Myong-Guk.Known for his unbalanced temper, Kim Jong-il would have been infuriated by the defeat to Brazil and because of it also moved a few more tanks to the border with South Korea.”He failed the first goal,” said Ki Pong-kil, a spokesman for the North Korean government. “The whole world saw that Maicon wanted to cross that ball and not kicked into the goal. The defense was easy, “said Kim.

The execution order seems to have reflected the mood of the North Korea concentration camp, which became quite tense. Ji Yun-Nam, the midfield of the team would have gone to the concentration of Portugal, begging for a teaspoon (easy game) of their next opponents in the tournament.

Ri Myong-Guk no longer act against Portugal and will be greeted personally by Kim Jong-il when get back home at North Korea.