Citroën Metropolis

A prototype based on the development of China.

It’s been awhile since that PSA (Peugeot-Citroen) opened a design center in Shanghai, China, perhaps the current importance the country today. The concept Citroën Metropolis is the first major creation of the studio and will be one of the great attractions of the mark in the Hall of Shanghai, next month.Very nice and large, the Metropolis appeared on the platform of the Citroen C6. He has no more than 5.3 meters long, carrying big cars like a luxury BMW Serie 5L (long version). For comparison, its wheelbase is greater than that of a Mercedes S-Class and has almost the same width as the Maybach 62. Continue reading “Citroën Metropolis”

Hannessey Venom GT

Super sports car faster than an F-1! is equipped with V8 engine of the Corvette ZR-1 and reaches 421 km

The super  car you see in the video was born with nothing humble mission: to overcome the Bugatti Veyron and become the fastest street car and fast-moving world. Only ten units Hannessey Venom GT will be produced per year at a starting price of $ 600 thousand not counting taxes. Continue reading “Hannessey Venom GT”